spa504g phone going call manager by itself

Hello All,

So here is the scenario, we have an existing system running spaX and added some 7960 phones. We put the bios in place and converted them to sip. Now comes the problem, for some reason now the spaX phones want to be sccp phones and asking for the following files:
Feb 27 22:09:37 pbx in.tftpd[3552]: RRQ from filename XMLDefault.cnf.xml
Feb 27 22:10:47 pbx in.tftpd[3570]: RRQ from filename SEPCxxxxxxxx.cnf.xml
Feb 27 22:10:47 pbx in.tftpd[3571]: RRQ from filename XMLDefault504G.cnf.xml
Feb 27 22:10:47 pbx in.tftpd[3572]: RRQ from filename XMLDefault.cnf.xml

Now the files didn’t exist before so it would have not been a problem, but now with the 7960 some of those do exist so the spa504G starts running sccp and when you go to the web interface it’s a sccp pone with no options available.

In reading I can see where people resolved this by removing XMLDefault.cnf.xml, SIPDefault.cnf, and possibly XMLDefault504G.cnf.xml, but that would possibly break the 7960’s from working.

On the other hand if I tell OSS endpoint mgr to generate configs it puts those files right back and when the phone reboots again, you guessed it, sccp.

Running 1.818.210.58-1 distro.

I have done this before where we run both 79xx and spa5xx and never run into this, but somehow this is happening and not allowing both phones to work on the same system.

Any info appreciated.