SPA3102 with Centrex

I purchased 2 SPA3102 units, first to address a separate problem, but then in the hopes of virtualizing the FreePBX server.

The first unit worked great.

I went to install the second unit, it will not recognize the phone line. The green light for phone never comes on, and the PTSN shows inactive as if it doesn’t see the line. I compared it to the working one to be sure.

The key difference is the this unit is connected to a multisite Centrex system whereas the other line is direct from the phone company.

Any suggested settings?

When idle, the Phone and Line indicators merely show whether the respective accounts are registered.

Post a screenshot of the Info page, particularly the PSTN Line Status section.

When properly connected and idle, you should see:

Hook State: On Line Voltage: 49 (V)
Loop Current: 0.0 (mA) Registration State: Registered

Voltage may vary but should be between 22 and 55 V.

If you’re having trouble registering, post details about network, Asterisk trunk settings and 3102 PSTN Line settings.

Are you using the Phone port? If so, does in have a dial tone? Can you get to the IVR prompt by dialing ****?

I was able to get this to work.

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