SPA3102 Echo

I tried following the cisco guide on r removing echo from this device, but pstn based calls still provide one echo for the voip user, but is very clear for the remote pstn caller?

Using current firmware.

Anyone have any insight into this scenario?


Hello I do have this problem. I have FreePBX13.0.192.8, Asterisk11.23.1, with a Quintum Tenor AX 24FXO, Phones
5- Sangoma 500, and Digium D40. Cisco SG300-28PP 28-Port Gigabit PoE. PBX running on VMware.

I built the whole system in our lab before delivery to the site, and either we did not notice the echo or it was not there. The only difference is the POTS lines which are actually both from ATT in our lab and on remote site. I have replicated the problem back to my lab via VPN to a Digium D40 phone from the remote site, and it has a VERY LOAD ECHO on the voip user side. When calling internal there is no ECHO.

Looking for suggestions on where to go look, I built an exact setup again here in my lab, with every thing the same except the Cisco switch and I only have digium phones in the lab, the remote site has Sangoma Phones, same Tenor for POTS, and I do not have an ECHO?

The echo is coming from analog lines and you need to use a FXO card that has hardware echo cancellation on it.

Sorry just realized it’s not a card but a gateway.

Your Gateway you are using is not providing proper echo cancellation. You need to work with them. The gateway has to handle the echo since it’s doing the conversion from analog to SIP only it can solve the echo