SPA303 with intercom


I am trying to use the intercom feature of FreePBX with Cisco SPA303 phones.

I have tried to follow the thread at [Solved] SPA303G and Intercom Feature but am not having any luck.

In the SPA303 section “Vertical Service Activation Codes” I have added the “Feature Dial Services Codes” *80

On the FreePBX extension, Intercom Mode is enabled

If i dial *80 followed by a extension number (*80100 for example), I get “invalid number”.

If i dial *80 followed by a page group number (*80500 for example), I get “invalid number”.

I cannot see corresponding entries in the log file.

Please can you help?

Remove the *80 from Feature Dial Services and add *80xxx to the phone’s Dial Plan.

For example, change

Thanks so much for your help!

That has worked for extensions, but not my Page Group. With that, I just get “Busy”. The only thing that jumps out from the logs is:
“[2018-07-30 16:17:50] WARNING[21463][C-000004f5] channel.c: Prodding channel ‘SIP/101-00000dd6’ failed”

Thanks again,

Sorry, I’ve never used that kind of paging and know little about it. However, I believe that the ‘intercom’ function is handled by the page module automatically, e.g. you would dial 500, not *80500. If that doesn’t work, I hope that another member here will help.

You are totally right! I was just overthinking it.

For any other person who finds themselves here, Stewart is right, you simply dial the number of the page group.

Many thanks for your time!


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