SPA2102 shows status unreachable after amportal restart until ATA re-registers

We are running Asterisk 1.8.3 with newest distro. Everything works great but once in a while we need to do an “amportal restart” (e.g. locked channels, distro upgrade, etc… ) and each time we do this the linksys spa 2102 adapters become UNREACHABLE but are registered and can make calls.

FreePBX is configured with:
minexpiry = 60
maxexpiry = 3600
defaultexpiry = 120

The adapters status changes back to OK after they re-register.
Can I adjust something to recognize the ATA status faster?

Set the “Register Expires:” in the Line tab to be what you want. I think the default is 3600, but I run with 60.


This should really be done on asterisk side by lowering maxexpiry down to 120 or lower.
The reason spa2102 can make calls even when not registered is because it is defined with type=friend in asterisk.
Asterisk uses the user portion to authenticate the incoming call if there is a user defined ( friend=peer+user )
Unregistered “friends” still can not get any incoming calls, but that’s easily overlooked.
In reality people should not be using type=friend at all.