SPA112 Randomly Sends Anonymous as Caller ID

I have a customer where some stores have a single Cisco SPA112 for their phone service. Sometimes the Cisco device will randomly send Anonymous to the FreePBX server and the outbound Caller ID is set to “Unknown” for the person receiving the call. Normally what I see in the PCAP is that it will send the extension during SIP call setup, so [email protected] and the FreePBX server sends out the Caller ID setup in the Extension settings to the outbound trunk server.

Is there a way in the Extension settings on the server to have it not care what the device sends when it is dialing out and force the caller ID configured in the extension settings? Maybe I should switch to Grandstream HT702 instead? It is totally random when it happens and if it happens while dialing 911, I get hit with a $250 rouge 911 fee from my voip wholesaler.

I’m having the same issue.

Some times anonymous, sometimes no CID Name, sometimes everything… Appears to be random. Also with a SPA112, firmware version 1.41

You;ll need to SIP trace this one.

The phone is probably displaying whatever you are sending it, so it’s going to take some detective work to figure out exactly what the differences are between a success and a failure are.