SPA112 Fax and Telephone


i have a question about Faxing with a Cisco SPA112 Adapter.

The customer has a Brother T106 Fax and we installed a SPA112 Adapter.

The Fax is configured as TEL/FAX Mode. So if it is no Fax then the Phone rings.

Sending of Faxes works but the customer cannot Receive Faxes.
It rings and the Fax does not answer the call.

Is there a setting how i can get this working or is the FAX and Telephone mode not possible with VoiP?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

This is a setting on the fax machine, it has nothing to do with the ATA or FreePBX. Generaly, the TEL/FAX setting means you need to manually pick up the handset and press the start button on the fax machine to start receiving the fax, at least that is the meaning on several brands, like panasonic or samsung. If you want automatic fax answering, look for the corresponding setting, like AUTO or FAX only.

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Thank you very much. I was driving to the customer and configured his Fax machines. They where set to Manual. On my next PBX project i will take a look over his fax machines and configure them directly when i setup the pbx.

But i dont understand how the machines worked over the last years with manual mode before switching to VoIP…

I guess it is not that they didn’t work, it is just they were working in manual mode.