Spa blf

OK, I’m not sure I completely understand the limits to BLF on SPA phones.

Phone 1--------------------Phone 2

BLF for Phone 2------------BLF for Phone 1

When Phone 2 makes a call, Phone 1 shows a red button indicating the line is in use. I get that. If a call comes in destined for Phone 2, I can press the flashing red button for Phone 2 and pick up the call. Easy thing.

The confusing part is when Phone 2 is on a call, then puts that person on hold, Phone 1 shows a blinking red light. Am I supposed to be able to pick up that call thats on hold via Phone 1? Right now when I press the blinking red button, it just calls Phone 2. Any help is appreciated.


You confusion is not in your misunderstanding of BLF but a misunderstanding of VoIP systems in regard to putting a call on hold. When you put the call on hold it is stuck on the phone that placed the call on hold. You will not be able to pick up the call that is on hold on phone 1 from phone 2.

You might consider parking the call rather than putting it on hold. When you park a call you can pick up the call on another phone.

OK, I gotcha. So parking the call puts the RTP stream at the server level rather than the handset level that way the server can pass it on to the next handset that retrieves the parked call.

That is a good way to look at it.