SOX not found by FreePBX 13

We have a server that just upgraded from 2.10 all the way to 13. Everything seems to be working but I keep getting a warning that sox cannot be found/not installed. We have CentOS 5.11 and sox and mpg123 have been installed all along:

rpm -qa | grep sox


Why can’t Freepbx find the executable? Where is it looking for it?

whereis sox

sox: /usr/bin/sox /usr/include/sox /usr/share/man/man1/sox.1.gz

Just as an update, I compiled and installed sox by hand and still Freepbx 13 will not find it. Anyone know where the correct path can be specified?

Ok, I finally was able to compile the very latest version of sox by hand and after installing it in /usr/local/bin it was finally detected by Freepbx. The lesson here is: Do not use Freepbx 13 with CentOS 5.X unless you are willing to upgrade everything by hand.

Same issue here resolved by symlinking sox in the directory freepbx was looking

ln /usr/bin/sox /usr/local/bin/sox