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Hi there to everyone…
I am in South Africa and require the following assistance… Using free pbx15 and have both soft phones and hardwired phones connected to the pbx. South African numbers when calling from a soft phone use +27 I need to remove this and add 0.

In a previous install I had configured the dial pattern to work however like a real idiot, I lost the file that I should have saved somewhere. Now I just can’t get it right.
Callers can call out dialling 081 082 083 etc however, when there is a +27 in front the call will not go threw.

If someone can just tell me how to format the dial pattern I will appreciate it.
I have tried prefix +27 then nxxxxxxxxx
Then prepend 0 but I am definitely doing something wrong

Is the third digit always a 2-9? I.e +27N <- is it always 2-9 or will a 0 or 1 be used there at some point?

Start with

construct an e164 inbound context [from-pstn-e164-za] for this templated on [from-pstn-e164-us]

Thanks for this however I need to remember how to put this dial Patton together
Like I said I have this before but lost the CSV file

All internal calls in ZA would match

  • Landline: E.g. 0(national prefix) +21 (area code) +7 digit phone number = 021 123 4567
  • Mobile(Cellphone): E.g. 072 (service provider) +7 digit mobile-phone number = 072 123 4567

Sp for local users then expected dialing isl landlines match 0[1-5]NNNNNNNN All Cell phones 0[6-8]NNNNNNNN

provide for short codes as necessary

Thank you very much so are you saying. In the dial patterns tab prefix =+27? Then xxxxxxxxxx
Then prepend =0 and match Patton will be nxxxxxxxxx
What am I missing

You are correct third digit is between 2 and 9 so +2731 +2783 etc
I want to remove that and insert A 0 so the call goes out as 031 083 082 etc

I am sorry I here you but I think I am rather stupid now because some thing is just not making since to me. Highly confused. Let’s take this from the top. in the first column I have prefix I will add +27 there immediately next to that I will continue with the number which will be nnxxxxxxxxx is this correct?
In the prepend I will add 0. Next to the prepend Tab there is prefix a game what should be added there. Then there is it the match pattern I will assume it will be

I apologise in advance if I’m being an idiot

Don’t confuse your dial plans (which should always be copacetic with your users expectations) and any need to rewrite such plans to normalize to your your trunk providers’s requirements. For example if you are using a non ZA carrier that completes calls ‘internationally’ , it is likely that you need to replace the ‘national code’ (0) with the e164 code (+27) before sending the call to the carrier, if the mcarrier is ‘domestic’ you will need to check with them what is acceptable.

So as it stands my users can make out going calls just dialing 081 082 083 etc. on the smartphones using an app this is a problem as the numbers are saved as +2783 etc. I use to have this working as I said. I need to remove that +27
And that is my problem

Your ‘well constructed’ [from-pstn-e164-za] would fix that

I here you can you tell me how?

You should search for someone who has already done that.

It’s harder to get folks to do your homework for for free, especially after you already claimed the dog ate it :wink:

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So I have fixed the problem. for everyone else that may run into it this is how you do it.

In your first row you just add x. This Will allow users to dial 082 072 031 etc
In your next row in the prefix you will add +27 in the pre-pen you will add 0
Match pattern +nnxxxxxxxxx
Issue resolved

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