SoundPoint IP 450 Failing to register to Raspbx server

Im getting an error on my raspbx with OSS Endpoint manager installed and im using a sound point IP 450 to test with.

Heres the error when im logged in via putty
I had to replace it with a pastebin link because “SORRY ARSEHOLE, NEW USERS CANT PUT URL LINKS”
But there is none.

The phone is trying to connect to pjsip listening on port 5060. If you configured the extension with chan_sip (default port is 5160), either change the phone to connect to 5160, change Asterisk ports so chan_sip is on 5060, or change the extension to use pjsip.

If the extension is already pjsip, change the secret to one with only 10 letters and/or digits, and set the password in the phone to match.

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