Sound languages - new german voice package from zappmedia?

I set up a new freepbx 14 system and discovered a new german voice package in the sound languages module. I already installed the standard asterisk german voice. Before I try Zappmedia, I want to be sure that it works.
Is this new? Is this complete? Is it free?

Yes it’s new. Yes it’s complete. We would not add sound prompts that were not complete to our module. This includes not only the asterisk prompts but also the custom FreePBX ones. Yes it’s free or again it would not be in the sound prompts module.

Thanks, I will install them. I just asked, because several years ago I even bought German voice prompts from Westany for Asterisk and they weren’t complete.

Ya that’s the difference when we bring in prompts into the module they have to be complete. The reason you are seeing more and more new prompts is for our PBXact customers around the world who need them we go out and pay to have them done fully and everyone here in the open source community benefits from that investment into the commercial PBXact platform with us giving them back into FreePBX.

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Wonderful…thanks :slight_smile:

Just to give you some feedback…regarding the new german freePBX language pack.
I just tested one thing…which is…
When I press the message button on my phone, the lady says “Sie haben NEIN Nachrichten”, which is the direct translation from “you have no messages”…but this sounds very, very weird in German.
The correct sentence would be “Sie haben KEINE Nachrichten”.

So I switched back to my asterisk german voice prompts
from here
…they work best…


Nein is “No” (the opposite of Yes). The opposite of this would be “You have YES messages.” LOL

It’s one of the many things I learned about the German language when I was stationed in Germany. Dont’ even get started on all of the ways they say “in”…

yet, the asterisk voice prompts (see link above) do it right :wink:

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