Sound languages module not working?

Hello, I’m using FreePBX 13.0.18 and wanted to install sound languages using the built-in module.

When I launch it, I only get a blank page, and when I try to go to the language packs page to download, also a blank page, nothing listed to download.

as my company is tight about security, every web site is blocked by default and must be manually authorized, so I was guessing maybe the language packs are downloaded from a web site that was not yet authorized, but I failed to find if that was the case.

Any idea about this would be welcome :slight_smile:


Yes that module needs internet access to do anything.

I got our proxy logs and it seems we get a 417 error when trying to access a xml file

[27/Oct/2016:09:34:31 +0200] 10.x.x.x - “POST HTTP/0.0” 417 4030 “-” “-” NONE:NONE

Well, found a workaround, it seems our Squid Proxy does not like some kind of requests.

I found the solution here :