Sometimes ring time is short

On one installation my customer is reporting short ring times of about 15 to 16 sec… After this time app-missedcall-hangup is executed. In most cases this doesn´t matter, because the call is answered within this time. The effect seems to appear only on internal calls. There are times the effect doesn´t occure. Probably not all extensions are affected in this case. Any suggestions or similar experiances?

You didn’t say what channel technology you are using. I’m guessing SIP.

I’d suggest looking at the full log (verbosity 3) and seeing what the time from starting to call to the end is. If that is short, look for the Dial application call, and look at the timeout field in that, then try to work out where that values comes from in your configuration.

If it is correct, you are probably suffering from packet loss on the network, as I believe the time will be from the first attempt to send INVITE, not the the first successful receipt of an INVITE. The timeout in Dial is done in a technology independent way, so it won’t know that a better starting point is the last INVITE before getting an interim response.

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