Sometimes no voice through 3 asterisk IAX stations


we are using three asterisk servers ( one asterisk is damaged and we installed a new one with a newer version ( with freepbx - newest image with centos). now we’ve got problems routing calls over three asterisk servers. if a person starts a call from 6400 to 6401 sometimes no talking is possible, the caller hears ringing and the called person hears nothing. all servers are on the same switch and on the same network with gigabit connection. if i do a playback on the middle asterisk(1.8) it works everytime or if i use the old asterisk server with
the iax configuration is exactly the same.

phone 6400 <-SIP-> asterisk(1.4) <-IAX-> asterisk(1.4) <-> asterisk(1.4) <-SIP-> phone 6401 (works)
phone 6400 <-SIP-> asterisk(1.4) <-IAX-> asterisk(1.8) <-> asterisk(1.4) <-SIP-> phone 6401 (works sometimes)

in the log i see the missing answer (i reduced it) … seems to be a problem between the asterisk which initiates the call and the “routing” middle asterisk.

[code]calling asterisk
[Oct 24 17:09:49] – Called gabtel:[email protected]/6401
[Oct 24 17:09:49] – IAX2/ is ringing
[Oct 24 17:10:18] – Hungup ‘IAX2/’

middle asterisk (1.8)
[2012-10-24 17:09:49] app_dial.c: – Called IAX2/dialerclu6:[email protected]/6401
[2012-10-24 17:09:49] app_dial.c: – IAX2/gabtel-6958 is ringing
[2012-10-24 17:09:53] app_dial.c: – IAX2/gabtel-6958 answered IAX2/gabtel-6346
[2012-10-24 17:10:05] chan_iax2.c: – Hungup ‘IAX2/gabtel-6958’

destination asterisk
[Oct 24 17:09:49] – Called 6401
[Oct 24 17:09:49] – SIP/6401-0000018a is ringing
[Oct 24 17:09:53] – SIP/6401-0000018a answered IAX2/dialerclu6-6244
[Oct 24 17:10:18] – Hungup ‘IAX2/dialerclu6-6244’[/code]

does anyone have a idea which i can try?

thanks and regards

not it works. Solution was using Dialcommand Option -t or -T.
If i use option o, it works sometimes, if i use no option, it never works.

Strange. But now i happy :slight_smile: