Sometime i hear noise in phone

Sometime in phone i hear noises and connect is very bad. If i do “fwconsole r” it is help for some time and repeat again. How i can fix this?
I am use Distro 14

Tell us lots more. Hardware, connections, memory, number of active calls.

We use Linode server:
1 CPU Core
20 GB SSD Storage
1 TB Transfer
40 Gbps Network In
1000 Mbps Network Out

Use 1 trunk and use 2 softphone (1 on computer, another on mobile phone). In day we have 10-20 calls.


For any noise issues, check your QoS.
If this one is not enabled on your switchs or routers, do it.
You have to give an high priority level for RTP transport (UDP) and medium priority for SIP transport.
You may have a big band width and get a bad noise.
Check your network settings anyway.
Check the MTU value also. Sometimes it can be wrong or not adapted.

Just an idea like that. :wink:

I am check all settings and all is normal. I can not find where problem(((

You can have a good settings and have some problems with your network.
For example a loop on your network.

Sometimes you need to make some updates on your devices (switchs, routers) to fixe any issues.
I know that some router can have some problem with sip and rtp protocol.

Check the value like SIP filtering or whatever.
You need to check your trafic on your network and know what’s going on.
(I wonder if Wireshark can be useful for you, if you know how to use it. I’m not a specialist with Wireshark But you could know if you have some dropped packet.. ).

Remember, set the priority on RTP (+++) and SIP. (++) before HTML, FTP and the others services.
For example: TOS (QoS) Diffserv = 46 can be useful for you.

If your Freepbx server is on the cloud, you may have some issue with your internet provider.
Even if you have the fiber (no pro), you can have some jitter.