Some versión of FreePBX for Raspberry Pi?

Hi Guys.
I think that some versión of FreePBX for Raspberry Pi is very important for development and test, not only for FreePBX or Asterisk, too for other products hardware and software.
You have some distro or informatión “How to” can be installed in micro-device ARM or Raspberry Pi?
I think FreePBX should have this option because this shows how to easy is to evaluate your product and teach how this working fine for all.
In other hand, this is very usefull for development and test of asterisk and freepbx over the workbench.
Thanks for their supports friends.

I agree with you. I hope maybe in future, FreePBX releases a lite-freepbx for ARM or PI.

Thanks for the support.

The FreePBX GUI itself is platform independent (yet we test and develop on SHMZ OS, which is used in the FreePBX Distro) and has some basic requirement such as PHP, MySQL, and Asterisk. As long as you fulfill those requirements you can download the tarball and install it on your platform of choice. If you are looking to manually install FreePBX on your Linux distributions of choice, you may want to take a look at our wiki were we give have some installation guides .

Now with that said if you want to use Commercial Modules, for the best result you should use the FreePBX Distro but you are able to use CentOS/RHEL based systems.

There are guys that do this.
@BananaPBX maintains an image for raspi. I haven’t used it but many do and seem happy.

You have to know the limitations. The pi will not have the power of an atom, like the atom doesn’t have the power of an i series processor. As long as you are working within the platforms means all should be fine.

Hi Guys.
I found this about @BananaPBX, And maybe I think this guys have problems.
Please, see:

Why is important have one Official Distro for ARM and Raspberry Pi?

  • People with hobbies and interests in Voip.
  • Academic use.
  • People like me, that want develop over FreePBX and dont have big capital.
  • Q&A , this could show the edge of performance over the system, and with this info the product could be best.
  • Maybe with the community you can administer the foro…, and this dont eat more resource.
  • Show to all the world that FreePBX is the best IP-PBX in the planet.

Maybe you can play in this new frontier, remember, Intel, and other brand have to come to this new hardware, and this hardware each day was to gain more power…

Then, why dont play?
too, the marketing is huge here.

Excuse me my big interest.

For 1-3 We would actually recommend a virtual machine. These would have in many cases 0 start-up cost. They would allow you to copy the entire machine and restore it in seconds when you bow something up because you are “learning”. They also allow you to maintain states so you can run multiple versions which is handy for dvelopment.

Number 4 I don’t quite understand. The ability to load your software on a rock for example only means you can load your software on a rock. It may be an impressive task but it doesn’t mean the software is any better or worse than any other.

Number 5. This is all open source and the community should develop stuff. The project above is someone taking this project and making it do the stuff you want. I am sure they have an immense amount of time invested that any new project would have to duplicate. Rather than try and reinvent the wheel because you can maybe it it best to get in touch with those guys and see how you can help make it better. This seems like a more reasonable use of resources.

Number 6. Our goal is to do exactly this by investing recources in the things we know and in the things we are super awesome at like developing our UI and Distro.

For 1-3, I think, by grade of complexity, VM and Raspberry Pi are very different.
This have two scenary different.
But in some case, this could like similar.
Cases of application can be different to extreme.
Why dont do the path easy for both.

Number 4, When you install your system in low performance machine, you can see the bottleneck of the system, and then you can go to do it best.
This principle we can see and know in the real life as try/test and then improve.

Número 5, Yes, and maybe sometime, we need some help for do sometime about our manner.
In certain circunstance, we want to move over your shoulder, but need your help.

Número 6, all right.



There is an activly developed FreePBX/Asterisk distribution for rasperry pi at

From your other post , you can download the latest versions of the Sangoma/Schmooze distro at

The wiki here will answer many of your other questions

(Do you know about google? :wink: )

BUT, I doubt that Sangoma/Schmooze will ever get involved with ARM devices as a while ago they committed to Zend ( A commercial product) that is used to encrypt/protect their value added projects that make them the money to continue, unfortunately Zend is not currently available in any form for ARM cpu’s they are good but not altruistic . . .

Hi dicko, good points.

I´m very glad that this proyect ( can survive all this move of open source.
I see the page and yes, this are newly in the front line.
Thanks for your support to this proyect.
Good point.

I appreciate ton your comment about google…, but for me, google is sometimes how the ring, you go Nowhere.

Is very important one voice with authority, new thanks.

About Zend, I can assume that you use this for commercial modules, all right, I think IP is very important, good reason for use Zend. Web services for Licence?
Is too the OS Schmooze in the same line?

How much would now be the diferences between the FreePBX Open Source and the Distro?, when this now maybe will compete with the big business?

You show news and this is good.

I’m a friend and for ever working in commercial world, I can understand this.

I’m new in the community Open source, I see the panorama and learn.

You gift me a value information.


I just installed the build on a Pi2 and it works really well for a low volume solution. I like it a little better than a virtual build, but there are a few features it’s missing (for now). I haven’t got the system admin module to install yet. And a few other minor things missing that I’ve noticed. Call quality is good, though.

You won’t be able to get System admin to work it is a commercial modules, and depends on Zend.

Yeah, I ran into the Zend error and didn’t get too far in trying to get that installed. Would be willing to buy the commercial module if it worked.

It won’t work, sorry, but it is not necessary if you are comfortable with standard linux commands.

Hi friends, please note this…

  1. For Raspberry Pi, the traditional menu (Admin /module admin) dont work for me…

  2. The CLI command for update modules, either.

I try this from :

  • amportal a ma listonline

Please wait…

no repos specified, using: [standard,extended,unsupported] from last GUI settings

Module Version Status

accountcodepreserve Not Installed (Available online:
announcement Enabled and up to date
asterisk-cli Not Installed (Available online:
asteriskinfo Enabled and up to date
backup Enabled and up to date
blacklist Not Installed (Available online:
builtin Enabled; Not available online
bulkdids Not Installed (Available online:
bulkextensions Not Installed (Available online:

then this list all modules…

cdr Online upgrade available (


Then I do:

  • amportal a ma update cdr

Please wait…

But nothing is to happen here…

FreePBX right now have a security issue:
See: CDR Reports2.11.0.11Schmooze Com IncOnline upgrade available ( Vulnerable, Requires:

A. When FreePBX have security issues…
What support have the community from Raspberry Pi that use Raspbx from

You know? What can we wait from Sangoma?

Please help us, or this do not work from your servers?.

B. Maybe with some other command?, parameter?

Thanks for your information.

amportal a ma --repos=standard,extended,unsupported installall

(maybe just start off with amportal a ma --repos=standard installall )

( you probably want to do that a few times to iterate through all the dependencies to get them all working, at least until it stops bitching)

BUT, you will get a bunch of crap you probably don’t want like cxpanel and the digium/dahdi stuff in the standard repo ( go figure :wink: )

but now your GUI should be working and you can selectively delete the intrusive ones (like cxpanel which properly should be a dependency of ISymphony and the dahdi stuff which is basically pointless on a PI !!)


So from the GUI you can’t actually delete only disable , so back to amportal admin ma delete XXX or FreePBX will spam you later :slight_smile:

Hi Dicko, big support…
But I understand very little bit all the process.
This sounds like the dirty process… :pig2:
Please, You don’t have one more clean procedure :cake:
This can be configurable on some way?
Excuse me my hopes…
Thanks. :innocent:

No, no hopes. You are a hobbiest, use your time to learn :wink: or just use a distro

Ok, Thanks. :open_mouth:

Hi Friends.
The Distro Raspbx, now is working in update (Module Admin) through GUI with module CDR.
Thanks for support and update FreePBX from Raspbx.