Some Trixbox advice need

hello guys :slight_smile:

now my trixbox v.1.2 is working with my digium TE110P card, i can recive calls and i can call to the outside.

First Problem: Sometimes the voice quality is very bad and very noisy, too

Second Problem: I dont want to show my entire phone number to the person iam calling, where can i set this ?!

Are you using digital or analog lines? Caller id on analog lines is determined by the carrier. On digital lines if the carrier lets you, you can set it to what you need to.


If you need to be able to fake your caller ID for whatever reason, you can do a Pay as you go plan and set the outgoing number to be whatever you want using This isnโ€™t a plug for anything. Iโ€™m just someone who has used their service to alter my outgoing caller id.

Let me know if you end up trying it.