Some time after boot up, calls fail & phones won't register

On one of my PBX installations, running 12.7.6-1904-1.sng7 (showing all updates installed in yum and modules - fully updated system), some time after boot (a day, a few days, maybe a week), calls will stop coming through. The asterisk log shows no indication of any call received.

In addition, the SIP endpoints (Grandstream GXP1628) all show “no response” on the screen.

I have restarted asterisk, with no results; and stopped the firewall, again with no results. There are no useful log entries in the asterisk or system logs. It all just simply stops working, and the only action that clears it up (temporarily) is to reboot the system.

I’ve requested logs from my SIP provider to see what they show from their end as well, but I don’t have this information yet.

Any suggestions as to what might be the issue?

Asterisk version? Have you seen this thread? Removal of Asterisk 13.26.0-1 and Asterisk 15.7.2-1

output of “asterisk -V” is 13.26.0, and I had not seen the thread you linked.

I’ve downgraded as recommended.

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