Some thoughts on sangoma phone and the queuing system


as described here we are using the Queues tab in sangoma Phone, however we have noticed that the Queue system on the phone only works if operators are entered in Freepbx in the dynamic agents tab. If they are not entered, no interaction is possible from Sangoma Phone, such as pausing, joining or leaving queues. Apparently this isn’t a big deal. However, if we have many queues for example over 20 and in these we insert even just 100 operators (but it could also be 200,300 or more…) as dynamic agents, there are two enormous problems that make the entire system unusable

  1. For Freepbx, adding a new extension\user becomes very slow, it’s as if there were recursive queries or in any case something that brutally slows down the insertion

  2. If a Team Leader wants to see all 20 queues with 100 operators on Sangoma Phone, it is impossible to log in to Sangoma Phone or in any case the system takes an infinite amount of time

  3. if you do not insert the operators as dynamic agents, the Queue Wallboard module will also not be able to display the Agent Summary tab

I didn’t even know this released. Exciting!

Maybe look at Asternic for queue monitoring to see if it is any better. One thing we did was just scrape the Asterisk queue info command and put that on a website. We did that when we had up to 3,000 agents with the poential to log in, and that was very quick, but not interactive at all.

Asternic, seriously? however, we already have a stat system based on data warehouse logic that aggregates the queue_log data in mysql, on which we apply predictive AI models in the company. We have around 10,000 connected operators, no problem in this sense. The issue is not so much statistics as real-time monitoring of operators when they make calls both in and out, which shows operators in pause, which allows a leading management theme to enter or exit the queue via a wallboard queue. or penalties… in this Sangoma Desktop is a good start and as long as we talk about a few extensions it seems to have no problems, but already with a thousand users, although Asterisk itself has no management problem, the entire management via freepbx it leaks a bit…

then consider that between pjsip and sangoma desktop many control panels (such as fop) are no longer functional, and the few remaining ones such as queue-metrics track activities only for queues

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