Some recordings missing in CDR reports



Using Freepbx 14, I’m experiencing a strange problem: not every call (inbound or outbound) is recorded.
I set the Force option in the inbound and outbound routes, but as I can see, not every calls are recorded.
I cannot see the record icon in the CDR reports, and I checked the monitor folder too, and the record file is missing too.
Is it a bug? Or I’m missing something?

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Do you have in one of the extensions recording set to Never?

Best way to figure out what’s wrong is looking at a call trace


No. It rings at one extension, and at the extension the “Don’t care” is set.
The no-record fault happens very rare, 1-2 times / 100 calls. I checked the trace, there is no difference between a recorded call and a not recorded call…

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Can you post a call trace?

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