Some of my Cisco phones can do custom ringtones but some can't! All are the same model!

Hey everyone. I have 9 Cisco 7960g IP phones and 1 7940g phones. They all work perfectly fine, but I wanted to get some custom ring tones on them so I downloaded some from a Cisco/Asterisk site so they’d be sure to work. I created the RINGLIST.DAT file as told and dropped it into the /tftpboot folder, and also made it in lower case ringlist.dat.

On about 7 of the phones, they boot up, I go to Settings and Ring Type, and all the ringers are there. For some reason, only 2 or 3 of the phones, it only shows Chirp 1 and Chirp 2. They’re all on the same SIP firmware, and were all purchased at the same time. Everything else works perfectly fine. Even their SIPxxxxxxxx.cnf files are the same, the only difference is of course their name and extension.

I’ve rebooted the phones several times, but nothing will get it to list them. It doesn’t even show any indication that it’s trying to get them. Does anyone have any suggestions? It’s really weird that nothing comes up and that it works on some but not others. Thanks!

No I didn’t, is that where I reboot them and hold down a key (I know how to do it just forget off hand) and then enter the 123456789*# thing and it asks if I want to keep network configuration and I say no and it reboots then I set it up again? All the phones were wiped and upgraded to SIP at the same time so they all should technically be at the same settings…

Did you try a factory reset on the phones not showing the other tones ?