Some modules out of yearly maintenance - problem with upgrading core or framework?

We have two commercial modules we got with system builder+ that we have enabled but stopped getting yearly maintenance for as we don’t need them, so they haven’t been upgraded for a while.

Is that gonna be a problem at some point when upgrading other modules, such as core or framework, etc?

Should I rather disable those unupgraded commercial modules?

No. They didn’t impact either of those before they were licensed and won’t impact either of those now that you didn’t pay the annual fee. The modules are still working, you’re just not getting updates.

Well yes.

Framework for example won’t upgrade if you have a older version of EPM.

If it has a dependency then you will need to remove the commercial module.

That makes no sense.

Well. That happened to me, EPM wouldn’t upgrade since maintenance wasn’t renewed, I couldn’t upgrade framework…

Well then I think there was something else going on. I have three boxes that are running EPM that didn’t have the support maintenance renewed, which is what the annual fee is. The EPM itself is licensed for 25 years.

All of those boxes have the current version of Framework and even updated when the security update happened back in May/June for Framework.

fwconsole ma checkdepends . . . .

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