Some help with Timeconditions

Hi All,
I need some help with time conditions !
I have a conditions for working days, so far so good, working fine.
But now there sometimes workingdays that the company is closed.
How do I configure timeconditions , to play voicemail on that days ?


Prior to I believe FPBX 2.9, you’d need to setup a Day/Night mode that you could turn on on those days.

In 2.9, you can give the time condition an override code and use that. If you want to be able to activate that from elsewhere, you can set up a DISA for yourself with your caller ID on a given DID. It will switch to normal operation the next time the time condition changes.

The third way is if you want it done automatically and I really am only going off of what I have gathered, no experience, and little certainty. I believe with Asterisk 1.8, you can tie into Calendars now…from there draw your conclusions, do the research, someone else with more expertise will have to jump in, and I could be wrong on that. If it is possible, it will be outside of FreePBX as far as I know.

You can program time groups/conditions to be limited to certain days of the week. If you just want to be open M-F 8-5 p.m., you set all that in one time group/time conditions.

If you want to get more complicated, you can “nest” time conditions/groups, i.e. set a time condition group to point to another time condition group.

I have have now one condition: weekdays 8.30-12.30 13.00-17.00
But now there is for example a dutch holiday, how to handle ?

Thanks in advance,

If its a one-off holiday, I’d use the override feature code for that one day. The specific way to do it depends upon whether you’re using FreePBX 2.8 or 2.9, but both are pretty obvious in the web interafce.

First make time condition hollidays - enter all hollidays into this time conditions. If time does not match (you have two options - time matches, time does not match), then go to another time condition - example working days.

Time conditions for hollidays must allways come first, then you can cascade others…

Remember when everyone loved a holiday?