Some FAXs failing with Vega 60 Gateway

I have installed a VEGA 60 gateway using the quick configuration for the primary purpose of connecting our PBXact to a FAX machine. I am able to send and receive FAX to and from some FAX machines without issue. However, I am unable to connect to other machines, one in particular is at our remote office that is also using a Vega 60 gateway. I hear the tone from the remote end, but the connection is not made. The log from the Vega at our end shows the following:

LOG: 02/23/2022 09:36:22.965 POTS (I)R01C1f incoming
call ref=[0216001f] srce=TEL:6093593015,DISP:FAX,NAME:FAX [0]
LOG: 02/23/2022 09:36:30.605 ROUTER (I)R0bC00 FINDROUTE profile:20(To_SIP) plan:1
call ref=[0216001f] ← POTS [1,1] dest=TEL:192
→ SIP [2,1] dest=TEL:192
LOG: 02/23/2022 09:36:30.610 ROUTER (I)R0bC00 call proceeding
call ref=[0216001f]
LOG: 02/23/2022 09:36:42.335 SIP (I)R03C11 connect g711Ulaw64k (Profile 1 - Voice)
call ref=[0216001f]
LOG: 02/23/2022 09:37:14.710 SIP (I)R04C11 disconnect(disc ind) 44
call ref=[0216001f]
LOG: 02/23/2022 09:37:14.715 POTS (I)R05C1f disconnect call cause 44
call ref=[0216001f]
LOG: 02/23/2022 09:37:19.840 POTS (I)R05C1f disconnect call cause 44
call ref=[0216001f]

Any suggestions on how to fix this issue? Thanks!

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