Some calls internal and external no sound? - SOLVED

Hello for some reason when i call from ext to ext or from a phone to the outside out I do here sound on both ends. But in some calls i test i can here only audio from phone but not in my cellphone if i call the landline number. Same with calling from Ext to Ext. Not sure why this happens Am i doing something wrong?

Try again.

Four tests:

Internal to Internal two-way audio works?
Internal to External two-way audio works?
External to Internal two-way audio works?
External to External two-way audio works?

That last one’s a trick question. :slight_smile:

Possible answers are “Yes”, “No”, Sometimes", and “No to start, but starts up after a few seconds.”

If “Internal to Internal” doesn’t work or “External to External” doesn’t work, it’s probably a firewall issue (ports not open, routed correctly, NAT information not set correctly."

There are four specific use cases. Each of them has a set of specific things to check. Tell us which works and which doesn’t, and how they don’t work.

Hello what happens is sometimes i get no audio at all. And sometimes i get one way audio say if i call from my desktop Sip to my Polycom Phone i can here it on my desktop software phone But nothing on my Polycom phone. Or sometimes i can call from my cellphone software to my polycom phone and here from it but nothing back from the Polycom to my cellphone. But yet the funny thing is if i wait a while i can here 2 way audio on everything.

Oh i forgot all ports are open in the router.

OK. There are three possible areas to look at:

  1. “Helper” apps on your router. This includes things like “SIP-ALG” which may or may not be enabled and may or may not be manageable by you. If you are using SIP-ALG or other similar “built-in” features in your router, you’ll need to turn them off.

  2. Your firewall in your router/external firewall is getting in the way. You need to make sure that the ports aren’t just open, but are redirected to your phone server correctly.

  3. Your Asterisk is configured for NAT and isn’t using NAT, or your Asterisk is not configured for NAT and needs to be.

Time to start telling us what you have for a configuration and what your versions are. The problems you are having are by no means unusual; in fact, they are so common I bet you could look back through the last two weeks posts and find someone with basically the same issues.

Hello thank you for the reply. I found the problem all ports are open. It is the Verizon Fios router that is the problem. Somehow not sure how but Ports are being blocked then open then blocked then open. So just for test i turned off the Verizon Router and Hooked out a Linksys router and seem to work with no problem got sound on both ends no problem at all. So we contacted Verizon and they are going to send out a Gateway systems this is a different router this router can support multiple static ip addresses on it and have it point to each port. I was banging my head on my desk all yesturday trying to figure out why Only getting one way audio when i changed nothing at all. Strange


I did more and more test it seems like the router is the cause of the problem with the ports not sure how but it is. Verizon is sending us a new router out. Thank you all for the help.