Some apps work, some don't. Why might it be?

Your highnesses!

Presence, Visual VM, Call Log are (slowly) working. Parked Calls, Conferences and Contacts aren’t.

What might I be doing wrong?

PBX Version: 16.0.19
PBX Distro: 12.7.8-2204-1.sng7
Asterisk Version: 19.4.1
Digium D80 fw: 1_12_12

Don’t know if it is related. There is a new firmware available, 1-12-13.
Is the Wiki still down? I cant tell the difference, but my D80 does not use EPM.

Thanks for the heads up Charles! I’ll be installing that in a jiffy…

D80 is fully supported using EPM with DPMA. As long as your using https with a proper TLS cert for Phone Apps, it should work. If not, open a support ticket.

Good evening,

The VM works with the D62 but unfortunately it does not even work with the D80, the latter can not detect the server.

What could I do?

PBX version: 15.0.23
PBX Distribution: 12.7.8-2203-2.sng7
Asterisk Version: 16.26.1
Digium D80 fw: 1_12_12

D80s only do it via TLS over port 5061 and with a valid cert. See this post for details D80 EPM DPMA PhoneApps and Video Tape - #16 by kombi1

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