[SOLVED] What does 'failure to pass ACL' mean?

FreePBX distro 10.13.66-17
Asterisk 11.24.1
Jitsi 2.8.5426

When attempting to connect a softphone I am seeing these errors in the Asterisk logs:

SIP Peer ACL: Rejecting 'a.b.c.d' due to a failure to pass ACL '(BASELINE)'
Registration from '"X" <sip:[email protected]>' failed for 'a.b.c.d:56534' - Device does not match ACL

I can find no explanation as to what this means *(ACL==Access Control List? Which one? Where is it defined?) and so I have no clue as to why this has occurred. This software and sip account have been used together from the same laptop to our Asterisk server before without this difficulty. Other than updating the system to the current channel I have made no configuration changes since the last successful connection, which admittedly was some time ago.


Advanced Device settings

Deny =
Permit = x.y.z.0/

I had disabled access to this device from anything other than x.y.z0/ so I added a.b.c.d/ and :bob’s your uncle - we’re in".

Too many types of ACLs for my poor head to recall.

Thanks for the TIP. I needed to delete and added to the permit side to fix things up.

/Trust your Technolust :slight_smile:

I had the same problem. The same account, one computer could register on FreePBX Server, the other computer showed the error messenger like you posted.

Could you tell me, where is “Advanced Device settings” in FreePBX and how can I solve the problem? Or where can I set the ACL?