[SOLVED] Users disconnecting for a few minutes then reconnecting

I am having a lot of our phones disconnecting from the phone server, and then after 5-10 minutes they reconnect. I need to get this issue fixed ASAP, any ideas? I am on Freepbx 12

You may want to provide some additional information, are your phones local or remote? What type of network? What type of phones? and so on.

All of the phones are remote, the server is hosted by freepbxhosting. The phones are Polycom IP450. We have phones in 6 branches that it is effecting. The weird thing about is that it isn’t all of the phones, just some of them. They all have the same software and configuration files.

dslauter, I have same hosting provider, same issue. For last 3 days, maybe once an hour or every other hour, all remote endpoints (80) would drop for about 15 seconds, then come back up. FPBX not showing errors and 2 days of back and forth with Cyberlynk didnt get me any further. That being said, I have not had an issue today. It started Friday and stopped last night. You can DM me if you want to talk further.

This is normally caused by a bad path across the Internet to your PBX. Please update your ticket with a trace route from your office network to the IP address of your PBX. You might also want to review our blog post about using MTR:


We normally see customers with response times caused by there internal network, router or Internet provider. A trace route usually shows this issue but MTR will be the best option to pin point the trouble spot.

Time Warner Cable (TWC) is usually the cause of high latency that comes and goes. Who do you have for an Internet provider?

Hey adam, I’m the one who had time Warner and posted my mtr but I believe the point that was lost was all of my endpoints are each in a different geographic location, all with diverse Internet providers. When it occurs, everyone drops so that is why I was looking at either server or data center issue since we are not all under one roof. As I posted earlier, I haven’t had it happen in the last 24 hours so not sure what to make of it. I was questioning you guys as my logs in the PBX show zero errors. Basically I was chasing a ghost that appeared to be network related. I do thank you and Frank for your efforts.

I have the exact same issue, multiple ISP’s as well as different geographic locations. I haven’t had any drops yet this morning. I will update you after 24 hours and let you know if any phones have dropped.

I understand your phones might be coming from multiple Internet provider in different geographic locations which is why we are asking for trace routes or MTR’s. There is normally a common path that all the locations with take across the Internet to reach one of datacenters. In our Milwaukee datacenter we have (5) providers and if all of your locations are coming through one of those providers like Level3 and somewhere on Level3’s network there is a problem all of your locations will have an issue.

At both of our Datacenters we monitor our networks from within and externally to try and catch latency, routing issues and down equipment so we usually know very quickly if there is a problem within minutes. We use programs like Solarwinds, Whatsup, Cacti, Nagios, etc.

I had a problem related to the phone’s registration timeout. I recently talked to another user about this, I’ll see if I can dig up a link to that thread. If you beat me to it then all the better :smile:


I haven’t had an issue in over 24 hours now, it appears that the issue has fixed itself. Thank you everyone!