SOLVED : Users & Devices mode: originate call on one device, then take over with another from same user


I run in U&D mode, for the reason that I need to register more than 1 device per user
(some devices are CSipSimple softphones on computers without headsets)

So I have sometimes several devices [WebRTC phone included…] that is visible under one users’ extension and they all ring incoming simultaneously, that is intended. (for the softphone to display the incoming CallerID to the user, mainly)

For the reverse direction, can I have the softphone ‘originate’ the outgoing call, and then ‘transfer’ it to another device still within the same user [users have VoIP phones on their desks and softphones on computers] - as opposed to transferring it to another user ?

Device & User mode will not be supported in future versions of FreePBX.

Asterisk has a new SIP stack called PJSIP that allows multiple devices to register to the same extension.

This brings up an interesting question. If you had multiple devices registered to the same extension I am wondering how you would move the call between the different devices?

Well I’m still on chan_sip (FreePBX 12.0.19) and not moving yet.

Yeah that will be interesting, especially the below too.

+1/me too to that question - but my question still stands :slight_smile:
would it work doing ## so, blind transfer to the same extension, then pick up when the phone rings? :slight_smile:

Sounds like you want SLA. There is an SLA implementation for Asterisk but it is complete crap and breaks things. You should use call parking rather than SLA.

Ok so just to confirm the exact, so to say… sequence of things -

  • enter the number into softphone, press dial,
  • remember we’ve no audio feedback on softphones
  • key in blind transfer to park lot (## 70) and hang up/wait for hang up
  • hope there would be nothing in the first default park slot… remember we’ve no audio on softphones… (otherwise rather park on ‘known’ spot)
  • on handset key in 71 to pick it up then

Or, how is the ** directed call pickup code supposed to work ? Could that be useful?

(or wait for the parking lot to ring me on all devices, just pick up the one I want ?)

You can directly transfer (attended or blind) into a parking slot.

**71 would park the call into 71, you can then have blfs that show when someone is on 71 so that a user knows to **72 etc.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t want to work… i’d need to dial & park straight away, then un-park on another device under the same extension. (SLA frankly doesn’t seem like the feature to use either - because that implies one device is a ‘master’ that gets the call/makes the call and then hands the channel over to ‘slave’, which isn’t the case here: all devices here have same level of priority, and in fact they are supposed to ring together at the same time)

After digging more, I was pointed towards using AMI and TAPI external programs to do ‘originate’ command (siptapi on Windows is what I tried and it worked as I intended)

For posterity, if you are still running chan_sip D&U mode, make your TAPI program send/log on to SIP using username/extension number + password of a DEVICE, but to ring the USER number.

So thanks for the above goes to… newsgroups :wink:

It’ll be nice if WebRTC could do ‘originate’ maybe… or maybe I need to google more :wink:

el es

Old topic, but I only JUST discovered, that originating calls from the WebRTC phone works - prerequisite is User Mangement a user has to have Linked Extension (it also does work on Additional Linked Extensions) - works like a charm, thank you!

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