[solved] Trying to create a new module

I’m trying to create a hello world freepbx module to start as a base for a new module. I found the HelloWorld module in github and have tested it verbatim and with many changes.

The problem I have is that it always says the module is broken. Clicking on details shows

Module “Hello World [not enabled]” is unsigned and should be re-downloaded

I have turned off “Enable Module Signature Checking” in advanced settings and I can confirm its off after I have set it off, but whenever I try to install the helloworld module, it gets turned on by itself again.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong or have a working helloworld for freepbx ver 13.0.79



I hand the page.xxx.php named inconsistently. It seems the xxx part MUST have the same name as the folder it’s in.