[Solved] Setting g729 on 64bit distro

Long story short: I could not get the command
asterisk -rx “module load codec_g729a.so” to work. It would say “Unable to load module codec_g729a.so” …

So in my assumption that the instructions for loading this bugger is correct, was wrong. There are modifications you need to make for the instructions if you are on a 64 bit distro, as opposed to the assumption in some of the commands in the readme that assume you are on 32 bit.

What I had to modify, was to copy the codec_g729a.so module to:
instead of

Now that it was in the right place, I could use the
asterisk -rx “module load codec_g729.so” command with success.

All of the g729 commands now work.

It seems again, that a lot of assumptions are made in documentation for Asterisk as well as FreePBX. Sigh. Try, and try again. Re-read the instructions, assume they are right until you try everything, thing start poking around again, try again. Work. Frustrating, but at least I got it!


Original post:

In the Admin, Digium Addons part of FreePBX, there is a listing for the Addon “G.729 Codec”.

Additionally, there are links for Purchase, Install/Uninstall, Add-License, Backup and Documentation.

This gives me the impression that all of the provisioning can be handled by the GUI.

What I have done so far, clicked on the link for Purchased, and gotten 4 g729 licenses with the key sent to me by email from Digium.

Next, I clicked on the link for Install, and it installed the codec (or at least I thought it did, after all, it now says Uninstall, as before it said Install).

Lastly, I clicked on the Add-License and added all of the information, Name, license key, etc.

Then I made sure my Flowroute trunk has:

I went to my extensions, and have g729 in the Allowed Codec section (I am not allowing ulaw yet unitl I am able to test g729 fully)

I placed a call from my extention to my cell phone, then I used the Reports, Channels to see that it indicates it is using g729. It looks good, as it says (g729) in the format column for the extension and the flowroute peer.

Now here is where I am confused or not sure I have this working right.

When I go to the CLI, I use: g729 show licenses
and it says "No such command ‘g729 show licenses’ …

So, I am assuming that I still have to follow the specific instructions from digium to get this thing rolling? Or can all of that be done through the GUI. The GUI part just screams “I can do this for you” but I suspect that is not the case.

Your assistance is appreciated.


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Very helpful, thank you very much.