[solved] Set IVR to RingAll if no input

I’m trying to move from a ringall to IVR and have most everything working. The IVR answers and I can enter and be transferred to an extension if I enter the ext #, but I cannot get it to default to a ring group if no input is received? I can set the IVR to answer to say, enter 0 for the next available operator and that rings all, but I would like it to time out (currently set to 3) and then automatically ring all.

Desired behavior:

Thank you for calling XYZ company. If you know your parties extension, you may enter it at any time, or hold for the next available operator.

If no extension number is entered, and the time out of 3 is reached, I would like it to ring my ringall ring group, but it just says no valid input received.

That is because you have a timeout retry set. If you want to forward immediately after the timeout has passed and no input has been received, set timeout retry to 0.

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Yes, you are absolutely correct. Worked perfectly. Thanks

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