[SOLVED] RasPBX out of storage

So I have a Raspberry Pi that runs our phone system comprising of about 6 phones. It is constantly giving me an error that it runs out of storage making me re-install the whole thing. Can I clear files so it can go back to functioning correctly. (Ex clearing call logs etc…) I have to reinstall the img. every 2 weeks. Does anyone know of a fix?

How big is your sd card?

Possible solutions
get a bigger sd card
Arrange for logrotate the asterisk logs daily and only retain 1 day.
Arrange that /var/log/ directory is placed in shared memory (shm)
install and configure logwatch , you will be informed when the disk is getting full
Use an external ssd usb drive

SD card is 8gb, how would I go about setting it up to clear the logs daily?

man logrotate

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That is way too small an SD card to use - Make your life easier - at least 32G for any size install of FreePBX - We have standardized on 64G for both our Virtual installs and Physical SSD installs - less than that and eventually you will be running out of space.

But seriously, on a raspi, writing anything to the sd card will kill your sd card sooner rather than later, and the biggest culprit is log files, write all logs to /dev/shm and you are better off but loose some post mortem diagnostics, see any raspi forum for the howto’s especially the raspbx one.

Boy, you know it - Nerd Alert - my FERVENT fantasy as far as RasPi is that they add two SATA connectors to the board - that would be PERFECT as a basic SoHo PBX - I got very excited, set up a Pi as server and within a month, it crashed because the SD card was worn out from all the logging - of course, we were pounding on it to test, so that didn’t help either.

There is a way to move all of the logging/etc off to USB but it is a little fiddly - but it is doable if you are determined.

Man, a Pi with two SATA Ports would be SO FREAKIN USEFUL!

There are many ‘competitors’ to the raspi , some with what you want, I use for a couple bucks extra a lattepanda

$89 from some places, emmc memory , a full amd64 processor and an on board arduino for integration with your ‘smart home’ , how about plex or kodi PLUS a FreePBX server screen popups of callerID on your TV?

For a less nerdy replacement ,

and just boot it with a FreePBX ‘distro’ ?

Those are both nice - it’s my cheap-soul that looks at a RasPi under $40 and says “If only…”

I will check both of those out.

Upside < $40 + a case + heat sinks + an SD card = probably closer to $80

Downside , 1G ARM, no Commercial Modules (even sysadmin), need to boot to an external SSD (USB’s have the same probs as SD’s)

I will definitely get a new card, however for now, clearing logs once a week or when needed should be fine.

That’s exactly what logrotate does, just set it up as you want and it will clear the logs for you.

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