Solved: Queue instead of Ring Group / setup Newbie question(s)

I read the help texts on the Queues module, they are helpful…

However not everything regarding Queues is clear to me.

It seems that the main difference from Ring Group to Queue is that Ring Group will /not/ ‘answer’ the incoming call, only pass it over to associated extensions, whereas a Queue will answer (a perception conceived from being at a caller end of a few of them charging me for listening to music for several minutes…), play music, check for available operators, and only ring operators when their extensions become available (within timeout, let’s say). (available being, in particular, the case of ‘not currently ringing on another incoming call before operator answers’).

Can the Queue however be still configured to NOT answer the incoming call, so that the caller still hears ‘ringing’ signal (i.e. not MOH) within timeout limit, and the call actually only starts (being connected/billed) when one of available operators at our ends accept it on one of their extensions? Or is the ‘answering’ integral to how Queues work and there is no other way?

Please excuse the lack of usual telco TLA’s… and for a newbie whiff.

You can use the extensions_override_freepbx.conf file to change the behavior of the QUEUE to change the explicit ANSWER to a PROGRESS(early media) or only ringing.

I was hoping for some more FreePBX style solution to be honest… but thanks I shall go on looking for more details to that.

Would it warrant an enhancement suggestion to Ring Groups module with an option to ‘if ring group busy ringing, let other incoming call(s) ring for x seconds’ and/or ‘if ring group busy, let maximum x other incoming calls ring’ or something (say, appearing only for ringall strategy as that one RINGs all associated extensions at the same time) ?
(edit: or additional checkbox in Queues module, saying ‘Answer the calls to place on queue’, with a default value checked for it to behave like ‘normal’ for people who want ‘normal’…)

I found some description - hope it is valid for my version…,

there is a section about queues,
I’ll try to get on using that,

Thanks :slight_smile:

(I’ll try myself first, will ask questions later)

So I created a queue that is a ‘failover’ destination of the Ring Group, and already seen it in use. No one complained about it (yet), so I think it could stay that way, possibly (queue timeout is 10s)

Having peeked into the ext-queues section of extensions-additional.conf, [ext-queues] section, i see that it indeed /is/ answering :

exten => 200,n,Answer

However it seems that to change that behavior, the entire context of exten => 200 / the body of queue application / has to be copied over to queues_custom.conf or extensions_override_freepbx.conf… while I would have hoped for ‘just’ a way the queues_post_custom.conf works :

This is the file that allows you to add or remove values to those
entries found in the auto-generated queue_additional.conf file. So for
example you have a queue 79 that need a additional parameter added.
create a context line: 79 then on the next line add the item(s) you
need to add. To remove use (-) instead followed by the line(s) you
want removed.

so for example,

[ 200 ](-)exten => 200,n,Answer

(but if I need to replace this for another sort of line (have not found what exactly yet) how would I do that?)

Sorry for tl;dr.
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Solved: in Advanced Settings, set “Hide Queue No Answer Option” to False :slight_smile:
then in queue settings : tick “queue no answer” to ON
then it adds Progress() instead of Answer() in the dial plan :slight_smile:


thanks a lot el_es. that has saved me some time.

Hi there thanks for your advice…Could you advise by doing the above settings of your post if it will help with crossed like type lines EXAMPLE getting like MOH playing back when we answer the call and we could hear each other speak but at the same time hear MOH or Ringing in background same time as when we speak to caller and we only get our Snom 300 to ring 1 time… We using PJSIP for registered extension on snom phone

NB:Latest version of freepbx Hide Queue No Answer Option" to False ONLY OPTION IS NO or YES

Sorry I have trouble understanding what you’re asking for…

I’ll try to separate as best I can :

Your phone continues to ring/play MOH in background when you lift the handset and begin talking with caller?
As you talk and another call arrives in queue, you hear phone ringing while you still talk with the one that is in progress?

Might mean (pls note I am a noob at this):

  • it’s not notifying the PBX that handset has been lifted, (I doubt that, since you’re talking through it … )
  • or your queue may need to have ‘skip busy agents’ set to ‘yes’,
  • or your phone somehow tells PBX it can handle more than 1 call per extension, ***
  • or has multiple extensions configured and they are ALL agents of the queue.

You get your phone only to ring 1 time per incoming call

  • increase your queue timeout ?

*** Pls note I am still using chan_sip, on FreePBX *** and I don’t have any SNOM phones.

I have 2 Static Agents in queue ? why would this make a difference ?

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Your phone continues to ring/play MOH in background when you lift the handset and begin talking with caller? That’s the correct description

Correct i have set this already on queue

Not sure were to set this im using a DAHDI analog 8 port card

Well one part it is but then the MOH/RING sound still plays

But analog card is for connecting to outside world, right?
your phone (SNOM?) is SIP ?

Either your phone has more than 1 line, and something in its configuration tells it to disregard that one line is in use, and ring when call incoming on other line anyway, or … I don’t know, don’t have any SNOM phones.

I have 'Music on Hold Class set to Ring Only.

[redacted] sorry checked this was not the case…
My queue config is as follows:

  • queue no answer : yes
  • generate device hints : no
  • call confirm : no
  • all my agents are static
  • restrict dynamic agents : no
  • ring strategy : ringall
  • autofill : no
  • skip busy agents : yes
  • MOH class : ring only
  • mark calls answered elsewhere : yes
  • max wait time : 25 s
  • max wait time mode : loose
  • agent timeout restart : no
  • retry : 2s
  • wrap-up time : 0s
  • member delay : 0s
  • max callers :0 unlimited
  • join empty: yes
  • leave empty : yes
  • service level : 30s

My phones are single-line cisco SPA301 and SPA112.

hope this helps

Using PJSIP and you ? its a Snom 300