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Hi, as the thread Missed call Notification on Email is closed, I open a new one.

@PitzKey provided the following solution. My questions inline:

So we adopted the fact that 90% of missed calls are callers that reach the persons voicemail greeting but don’t want to leave a message.

So we accomplished the following:
We made this custom script in extensions_custom.conf for each extension

Q: If I understand it correctly, for each extension I want to apply the script to, the extension’s dial plan has to be copied from extensions_additional.conf to extensions_custom.conf and the snippet has to be appended to it. Correct?

exten => 837815,1,TrySystem(echo "Missed Call - From: ${CALLERID(name)} ${CALLERID(number)} received at ${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},,%l:%M:%S %p %Z on %A %B %e)}" | mail -s "PBX Alert - Missed Call" -r "PBX Alerts<[email protected]>" [email protected])
exten => 837815,n,Goto(ext-local,vmu101,1)

Now you can either use a custom destination or misc destination that will call this script.
Go to the extensions advanced settings and point no answer, busy & not reachable to what you configured to call the script.

At the extension’s advanced menu, section “Optional Destinations”, the “No answer” option’s drop down menu does not include the value “Custom Destination”. You can select “Custom Application” or “Custom Context”. Is one of these options meant?
If I want to use the option “Misc Destination”, how do I have to configure it? It seems that you can only add an extension’s number to be dialed and a description. Seems to me sth. different to a “Custom Destination” ( Admin > Custom Destinations ).

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So… To answer your questions:

Correct. Unless you want to modify that dialplan to use get the extension number from one of the variables and then somehow lookup the user’s email address

Incorrect, you don’t need to copy anything from extensions_additional.conf.

You just need to point each extension’s failover destination to this dialplan.

You need to create these custom destinations first.

If your dialplan is in the from-internal context, then you can just put the exten in the misc destination and the PBX will call it.

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YEEEEAH, it works just the way you described it!

Thank you a thousand times!

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