[SOLVED] Problem transferring when second call comes in


We have a client whose reception is fairly busy. What has been happening them on a fairly common basis is they will be transferring a call to another extension, but as they are doing that a second call will come in on Line 2 and it is in fact that new call that ends up getting transferred and not the intended (first) call.

I do have “Switch focus to ringing line” enabled; is that likely the reason why? They requested it to be enabled so they could see the CID of the new calls coming in so the receptionist could determine if that new call is a priority or not.

And yes, the calls do come in to a queue, and I have tried to get them to just have the poor receptionist handle one call at a time and just let the queue do it’s job, but they want 5 active lines on the receptionist phone.

If it’s really just a matter of turning off the “Switch focus to ringing line”, I am sure I can make them live with that.

Thanks for your insight! :slight_smile

I assume based on switching focus setting you are using aastra. Yes with that setting it switches the phone focus to the incoming call so when you do a transfer it will transfer that call.

Yes, correct on the Aastra (again, I probably should have specified more info like that :slight_smile: )

I assumed that was the case and already advised my client of the fact. I also “pitched” using the queues to their “full potential use”, and they are going to mull things over and let me know.

I would imagine at the very least they will go with the disabling of “Switch focus to ringing line”

On Aastra you can use the arrow buttons to scroll thru the active calls and see cid for each. You don’t need switch focus enabled just to see cid.

Yes, to stop that behavior, In your config file add

switch focus to ringing line: 0

I think their intent is while on an active call, they want to see the CID of the second incoming call so as to decide if they need to put the current person on hold to take the second one (if it’s a VIP or something).

I think this is more for the “regular” staff and shouldn’t really apply to the receptionist anyway, and I already have different EPM templates for the reception phone and the other users.

Switching focus being off should not disturb the the display of id on other lines on the aastra , you just need to select the ringing line to see it.

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