[Solved] Problem: Sending a call (straight to extension voicemail) using *

When we want to send a call directly to the voicemail box for an extension: we all know we can do this by using the * (in front) of the extension number.

For example: *101 (or) *102

All extensions involved have voicemail boxes

Why is it that we can use the * (for some extensions) and reach their VM box without ringing the phone, but when we try using it for others: we are getting the system error:

“Your call cannot be completed as dialed”.

*101 fails
*102 fails
*201 works

Thanks for any tips.

Go to Admin → Feature Codes and turn off or change conflicting values such as Contact Manager Speed Dials or In Call Recording Toggle.

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You were correct.
Thank you for helping.

Using the feature codes module
DIS-enable (turn off) the feature code for *10
Called: Contact Manager Speed Dials

Now, we can send calls straight to VM using the * prefix.

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