[SOLVED] Please Enter Destination number

First of all I just want to say that I’m fairly new to PBX world. I’ve set up Asterisk few month back with all basic functions.
This is what i would like to accomplish for my users (family :))):

  1. user call from his cell phone to one of my DID,
  2. There is a prompt “Please enter a destination number”,
  3. user enters the number and gets connected.

I’m not really sure if IVR should be used or different method.

Thanks to this forum, I was able to set up something similar: user calls DID and gets connected automatically to PREDEFINE destination number. It works but I would like to have more flexibility.

Thanks for all your help



Bill -
Is it possible you can give me more details. I’m looking on IVR documentation right now and cannot figure it out. What should i put in option box? What about destination, how to pick with trunk to use?

Thanks a lot for your help.

The documentation for IVR is contained on the IVR setup page as “rollover mouse tims”. Just roll over any of the menu items that are underlined with a dashed line to get the instructions from that option.

If you want the destination to be outside your system, then I’d create a custom extension with the dial command reflecting the trunk and number to dial to reach that number.

For instance:

If you wanted to dial an external number (6016385211)as the destination, and you are using trunk 0, you’d put ZAP/g0/6016385211 in the dial box of the extension.

If your extension number was “5211” then dialing 5211 will call 6016385211.

You can then use this extension like any other in the system.


I hope the OP is not trying to use IVR to provide the ability to dial out to ANY external number that the caller can select.

Try the DISA application, you can access it from an inbound route or an IVR.

It will provide password protected remote access to your internal dial plans.

My plan is to get rid of our long distance company (my family used them make make “cheap” calls to Europe) and replace them by own server :slight_smile:

Right now each user has own DID access number (access is restricted by CID and password) but destination number is hard coded. So I got scenario: one excess number, one destination. I would like users to still have own DIDs but be able to call any number they want (I will restrict it little bit of course :slight_smile:

w5waf - That’s basically what I got right now, except IVR. I don’t want to have any predifine destination numbers.

mudslide567 - That’s exactly I’m trying to accomplish :slight_smile:

SkykingOH - I will give it a try, I did not use DISA before. I will post my results.

Thank you very much for all your help.

Now that you’ve explained it…
DISA is the way to go.


The reason I made my comment was that the proposed plan to offer “dialtone via IVR” will get hacked and everyone will be using your system to make calls everywhere. It will get hacked much quicker than you expect. I just had to assist a company that had done something this insecure when they were hacked by an organization with a predictive dialer running an offshore outbound call center making calls to US households intended to steal their banking information. The client company not only had to deal with the international long distance minutes stolen ($$$$$) but also had to spend considerable time with assorted law enforcement authorities explaining and proving they were not involved in international organized crime.

In my opinion, even DISA is dangerous but at least it does offer some level of security.

Thanks all of you for your help. DISA is way to go, indeed.

mudslide567 - it sounds pretty serious. Is there a way to implement some kind of WHITELIST, so system will accept only calls from numbers off the list?


You can set up an inbound route that responds only a specific CID. You’d set up one for each number you want to accept. Point those to the DISA.


Will do, thanks everyone.