Solved (partways): Fail2Ban kills all my good ext.?

Hi Folks,

Im a bit dump stuck.

Im running PBX Firmware: 12.7.3-1703-1.sng7 thats the current beta 14/14

What ever I do, everything wokrs, all the clients and ext. are working fine and gegistering. As soon as I activate Fail2Ban, some, and not always the same of my extensions drop out. But their IP address does not show up in the Fail2Ban gui inside the FreePBX gui.

I first had it with my cell phone and the zoiper free client, even whitelisting the IP of the cell didnt help. Stopping fail2ban solfed it instantly. reacitvating it, the dead cell was back…

Anyone got any good idea?

Cheers Manne

It sounds like you are trying to set up two different fail2ban sessions. There’s one built into FreePBX. Are you starting that one or are you starting another one after the one in FreePBX?

Hi Dave,

thanks for your input, but no, I use the stock freepbx fail2ban from the web interface of freepbx.

its still the stock system from the image i downloaded from sangoma, exept updates of course.


I did not change anything but the fail2ban time settings, now my ext. won’t be blocked any more and all ext. work fine.

It seams that phones with several (5) ext. configured (several companies for incoming calls) on the very same hardware phone, they got blocked due to too often accessing the server from the same IP.

Now I run it with:

Ban Time 600
Max Retry 10
Find Time 60

And It seams to work fine now.