[SOLVED] Nic Change and deactivation


I have Freepbx Distro 6.12.65-30 with Asterisk 11.19.0

This machine runs as a VM and yesterday I upgraded the vnic to use vmxnet3. I had no problems with the NIC change but now the distro is not activated. I tried to reactivate but when I choose it’s deployment ID, the system says it’s already activated.

Problem is the Commercial Broadcast module is now requesting I purchase it, so I guess its no longer activated also.

Does anyone know a fix for this? I registered a ticket yesterday, but it does not seem to be a high priority and I’m needing this up asap. I tried changing the nic back, but I guess it’s too late because it still says it needs to activate.

Thank you,


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Thank you, I was confused over this because I had not switched platforms and only nics. It’s now working fine.