[SOLVED] Need help with first install - cannot 'REGISTER' twinkle

Short answer, I had to discover and operate the manual registration action in the aptly named Registration pull down menu. The ‘Star’ icon on the display window simply reports registrations. It does not actually perform them.

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I recently purchased a TrixBox with a 4 FXO card and rebuilt it using the FreePBX distro (freepbx-2.11.0beta2 on an i386) . I have been working through various wiki pages and online resources to get things working but have exhausted my meagre resources with the latest issue.

Briefly, I cannot register a twinkle soft-phone with the Asterisk server, What I see in the Twinkle dialogue box is this:

Wed 15:13:25
JamesB.Byrne: fetching registrations…

Wed 15:13:25
JamesB.Byrne: you are not registered

. . .