[Solved] Memory Limit Changed

Message: Your memory_limit, 100M, is set too low and has been increased to 256M. You may want to change this in you php.ini config file

Started getting this message on my dashboard, and I did find the /etc/php.ini and changed from 128M to 256M as it suggest, but even after a reboot of the server the message is still coming up? is there another place to make this change?

As always thanks for the help!

Did you delete the message and it keeps coming up?

Are you sure you actually edited the right php.ini?

yes deleted it. yes keeps coming up, well as far as the right php.ini, that’s what I was asking? where is the right one? I looked in as many places as I could, the only one I found was /etc/php.ini, is their another one?
thanks Andrew for the reply!

Getting same on my raspi but not on my machine with latest updated distro running on laptop.

just deleted, refreshed and message came back.

I suspect /etc/php.ini is not the right location of the ini file php is really using. If you installed phpinfo on freepbx it’ll show you the path

thanks for that, but looks like it is…

any other thoughts?

There are probably two php.ini files:


The one under cli probably has its memory limit set to -1 and should remain unchanged.
The one under apache2 should be changed to 256M.

Then restart: service apache2 restart

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Reraikes, thanks! I didn’t have that directory, but I did have an /etc/php.d directory and inside there, I found a file freepbx.ini and in that file the only thing it had was memory_limit = 100M I changed it to 256M and restarted the http services… and bam! no more warning message!!!

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Thank you reraikes, this worked for me

Hi !

In my case, it was in the file in /etc/php5/cli/php.ini


In my case it was /etc/php.ini
Im runing 14/14 beta

thanks for the hint here