SOLVED: Lost Paging on Grandstream 2130

I’ve lost the ability to page my Grandstream GXP2130s using the paging module in FreePBX after upgrading firmware to My previously working setup has:

# Allow Auto Answer by Call-Info/Alert-Info. 0 - No, 1 - Yes. Default is 0
# Number: 0, 1
# Mandatory
P298 = 1


# Custom Call-Info for Auto Answer.
# String
P2356 = answer-after=0

But now the phone just rings instead of allowing a page announcement.

Any ideas?

Same issue, have 80 gxp1625s and 5 2135s

When attempting to page all phones just ring.


“Intercom” was suggested over the in the Grandstream forums. It did not work for Custom Alert-Info.

However, by mousing-over that field in the phone GUI, I saw “The default headers will not be matched if this is defined.”

The solution is to now leave this field blank. I swear the previous firmware needed the string I mentioned. But blank works now

Thank you!