SOLVED: How to disable voicemail choices after leaving message?

Hello, probably something very simple, but cannot find it after hours of trying and Googling :frowning:

Once a caller enters my mailbox, there is a message I cannot get rid of the message saying “Thank you. Press 1 to accept this record, press 2 to listen to it…”. All I want is just keep recording until hung up or “maxsecs” value in “Voicemail Admin/Advanded Settings” exceeded.

Situation: I have a queue for incoming calls (two trunks) with only one agent in it (me). When this only agent is busy or not picking up the call for some time (=Agent Timeout), I have set “Fail Over Destination” to Announcement saying “sorry, leave me a message, will call you back…—beep—” and that Announcement has got “Destination after playback” set to “Voicemail:my-number(no-msg)”. I am calling 7777 to simulate incoming call from another extension. Just want callers to be able simply leave me a message as they are used to without this simple “IVR” feature after record.

Using Distro from Easy Install CD with FreePBX

Beginner, so sorry if obvious, I am just maybe searching bad keywords :frowning:

UPDATE: OK OK, found a solution, silly problem as expected. The thing is that when something under “Voicemail Admin” is changed, no “Apply Configuration Changes” appears. Although I had it in my configuration files, login into command line and executing “amportal restart” solved my problem.