[solved] - Ghost trunk


In Freepbx, I have a Trunk that appears offline. I looked into sip.conf and all imaginable .conf files, but I cannot find this entry. All is working well and so on, but I cannot stop looking at the chart and see that ghost trunk.

Any suggestion on where I should investigate to remove that stupid little line ?


Image here:

Go to Reports -> Asterisk Info -> Chan SIP and see if it is listed there - then you can search the Conf’s for the trunk name and see where it’s coming from - I had to do the same thing on a box I inherited - it was maddening, but I finally found (and killed) it using this method.

grep is your friend.

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That was exactly it ! I found a strange string in sip_custom.conf, a kind of leftover from a first test.

And you are right. A simple combination of find and grep made my day.

Thanks again

You bet - Mark the thread as solved!

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