[SOLVED] FreePBX auto-login? (how to stop it)


I have a (inherited a…) FreePBX install that is auto-logging into the admin interface. Frankly I didn’t think it was even possible to auto-login to FreePBX, default password or not but this one is doing it.

I have made for 100% sure that my browser did not save the password.

Interestingly, I do not have a “Logout: Admin” button in the menu bar.

Is there something I can check somewhere that might indicate why it’s not prompting for a password?

Thank you!


There is a setting for this in Advanced Settings. At the moment I don’t recall the exact setting nor do I have access to a box to check it out.

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In advanced settings change auth mode to be Database but make sure you have a user created with the administrator module before doing that.


Thank you! Spot on.

For future generations that may have Google take you here:

In Settings --> Advanced Settings

We had to enable:

Display Hidden Settings
Display Readonly Settings
Override Readonly Settings

In order to get the “Authorization Type” (towards the bottom of the page) to display.


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