Just a silly question: how often (and by what means) is the MOTD generated when one SSH’es into a FPBX 14 (SNG7) install?

After I did an initial install a couple days ago it said there were X number of system updates and Y number of module updates. I ran ‘yum update’ and updated the modules. Today when I SSH in it still says the exact same message ("X number of system updates and Y number of modules). Granted, there were some new module updates, but a ‘yum update’ indicates there are no OS updates available (which is what I would have expected).

It seems that whatever generates the MOTD is not running. I searched in the locations that I found in other posts but cannot seem to find any script that generates this.

Anyone know or can point me to the right direction?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure based on what these notifications are… But it’s pretty off.
Plenty times after updating everything it still shows that there’s updates.

motd is done at login… you can run it manually fwconsole motd

Thanks jfinstrom. Confirmed that manually running ‘fwconsole motd’ generates a new (and accurate) motd, but it doe snot seem to be running at login. Now that I know the proper command, I will either add it to root’s logon script or just set a script to run from ‘cron.[daily|hourly]’ (which should be often enough)


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