[SOLVED] Framework update broke my config

(Please bear with me here, I’m more a Windows than Linux person). I successfully installed and have been using FreePBX (latest downloadable distro 1.8 I think from January 2013).

I received an update notice from the system informing me that there was a framework update for me. I installed it and it immediately trashed the web UI. Buttons are mis-sized, the top menus are all changed to something closer to a drop-down list, fonts are changed, font sizes are wrong, etc.

I tried to uninstall and noticed that for this module, that can’t be done. Any suggestions for me on how to correct the crummy UI or downgrade to the previous framework version?


This is a bug that was finally tracked down and fixed in 2.11 after years of tracing it. To fix the CSS on your box do the following from the linux CLI

amportal a r

Thanks, that was it!