Solved: Failed to open stream: Permission denied


hi trying to restore a backjup file in freepbx 15. the backup was made on a freepbx 13 machine. the full error is:
fwconsole backup --restore /home/share/20210805-152914-1628173754- --restorelegacycdr
Transaction ID is: 7338363e-3a2f-46eb-b133-d0ce04666d3c
Determining backup file type…type is legacy
Legacy CDR Restore Option: 1

In Common.php line 231:

fopen(/var/run/asterisk/restore_running.lock): failed to open stream: Permission denied

I went into /var/run/asterisk and there is no restore_running.lock file there. thanks for any help

update: typical eh? found the solution a few minutes after posting but spent ages trawling google before posting::
chown -R asterisk /var/run/asterisk

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or better to run fwconsole chown which will fix system permissions as needed by FreePBX.

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